Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanks to Readers

       I felt I must write a note of thanks for the occasion of First Mile Stone.Thanks a lot to all my readers for the mile stone of reaching 1,00,030 visitors from 2nd March 2010.  Our next goal is to achieve more readers in a day than the maximum readers of the day before.

        Since the launch of the site in the month of March 2010 there have been 29,046 absolute unique visitors who have read over 119,799 pages as of 17th Dec 2011. Some of the facts are listed below.
  84.92% of visitors finding this site through search engines and 9.09% of visitors are through direct traffic. Eighty Three percentage of the visitors are finding the site through Google searches.

      During the past few months over 3,500 people have visited monthly and have read an average of 15,500 pages per month. Highest page view month is August 2011 (16614 Page Views) . Highest visits per day is 6th Dec 2011 (300 Visits).
    Top 5 Articles are Unit Weights of ISMC, ISMB , Structural steel Weight Calculation, Chequered Plate & Equal Angles. This is based on the page views
      Visits came from 149 countries/territories and top 10 Countries. Average time on site is 03:28 and average pages per visit is 3.23.

       Thanks to all my readers. Your comments are much appreciated and I personally will respond to each one. I am confident that you will be more than satisfied and I personally will make sure you've got all the assistance you need going forward. Please tell your friends about this site.
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Unit Weight of ISSC

SC Series is called Column Sections

      In continuation with my earlier posts ISMB, ISJB, ISLB, ISWB & ISHB this is also one of the standardized categories of hot-rolled steel, shaped H-beams.
1. ISSC 100 X 100 - 20.00
2. ISSC 120 X 120 - 26.20
3. ISSC 140 X 140 - 33.30
4. ISSC 150 X 150 - 37.10
5. ISSC 160 X 160 - 41.90
6. ISSC 180 X 180 - 50.50
7. ISSC 200 X 200 - 60.30
8. ISSC 220 X 220 - 70.40
9. ISSC 250 X 250 - 85.60

        When Comparing with ISHB & ISSC the main difference is Height & Width of beam is equal.  In addition to above sizes some special sizes also available in market. ISSC 152 X 152 - having unit weight 23 Kg & 30 Kg per Meter. Another is ISSC 204 X 204 having unit weight 49.9Kg per Meter
For Unit Weight of Light Weight Beam Click ISLB
For Unit Weight of Junior Beam Click ISJB
For Unit Weight of Medium Weight Beam Click ISMB
For Unit Weight of Wide Flange Beam Click ISWB
For Unit Weight of Heavy Weight Beam Click ISHB
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Difference Between "I" Beam & "H" Beam

From the previous posts, all you may be familier with "I" Beam & "H" Beam. Let us see what is the difference between them.

Both are structural beam of rolled steel having a shape whose cross section resembles the letter H; and Letter I (an ‘H’ Turned through 90 degree). The H-beam has relatively wider flanges than the I beam, however an "I" beam has tapered edges towards the centre rib called Web.

It is the difference between the widths (Flange) by height (Web) ratio. In the case of H beams the width of the flange would be equal to or more than the height of the cross section. In the case of I section, the height of the cross section would be higher than the width of the flange.

In general H-beams are better than I-beams are very subjective. Since they are usually heavier and weight per running meter also more.

However it is most important to use the optimal beam configuration for the application. While selecting the beam, the thickness of the centre web is most important since this is what takes the brunt of the force. Good construction demands structural beams that more than carry maximum loads including factor of safety while using the minimum weight of steel.

For More Details about Beam Click my earlier Post Beams
For More Details about Hot rolled steel Click my earlier post  Steel
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unit Weight of ISHB

Indian Standard Heavy Weight Beams / Columns

In continuation with my earlier posts ISMB, ISJB, ISLB & ISWB this is also one of the standardized categories of hot-rolled steel, having a shape whose cross section resembles the letter H.

It is having the sizes from 150 to 450mm. Usually they are heavier sections.It is available in two weights (Type-I & Type-II). Please refer the table below.
       In addition to above ISHB 150 X 150 is available for unit weight of 27.1kg Web thickness is further lesser than type-II

       For Type-I & II, these heavier beam sections in each size are obtained from the same set of rolls. The width of flanges and Height of Beams are same , However the difference is between the thicknesses of the webs. Therefore, while ordering these heavier sections, mass should be mentioned. Please note that ISHB sections are also used as column sections.

For More Details about steel section Click Steel Section
For Classification of Indian Hot Rolled Steel Click IS : 808 
For Unit Weight of Junior Beam Click ISJB
For Unit Weight of Light Beam Click ISLB
For Unit Weight of Medium Beam Click ISMB
For Unit Weight of Wide Flange Beam Click ISWB
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