Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sectional Properties

Important and common sectional properties of rolled steels are Moment of Inertia, Radius of gyration & Elastic Modulus. The purpose of usage and definitions are below. Generally, the centimetre (cm) is used for the calculated properties.

Moment Of Inertia (I)
Area Moment of Inertia, also known as Second Moment of Inertia - I, is a property of shape that is used to predict deflections and stresses in beams. The larger the Moment of Inertia the less the beam will bend. The moment of inertia is a geometrical property of a beam and depends on a reference axis and has been calculated taking into account all tapers, radii and fillets of the sections.
Radius of gyration (r)
The radius of gyration is a parameter used in buckling calculation. It can be calculated by roots of Moment of Inertia divided by Area
r = (I / A)1/2
Elastic modulus (Z)

The elastic modulus is used to calculate the moment capacity based on the design strength of the section or the stress at the extreme fibre of the section from a known moment. It is derived as follows:
Z =I/e
Where e is the distance to the extreme fibre of the section from the elastic neutral axis.

Other sectional properties are used in engineering are
Buckling parameter (u), Torsional index (x), Warping constant (H), Torsion constant (J), Plastic modulus (S), Torsion modulus constant
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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dear Readers in continuation with my earlier post of ISNT , ISDT & Slit tee, self would like to post unit weight of normal tee as per European Standard.

Above shown table is as per EN 10083-3. Sizes available are from 30mm to 140mm and thickness varies from 3mm to 15mm

For More Details about Indian Standard Tee Click TEE Section
For More Details about Unit Weight of Nominal Tee Click ISNT
For More Details about Unit Weight of Deep Leg Tee Click ISDT
For More Details about Slit Tee Click IS:1173
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