Sunday, October 21, 2012

Torque for HT / HSFG Bolts

Dear Readers,Wish You a Happy Durga Pooja.
Based on my previous posts you may familiar with grades of bolt, torque of bolt, torque calculations and slip factors. However it is a real challenge in construction industry to determine the torque for bolts. Technically it is based on the applications. Some times client mentioned in drawings or you may get it from technical specifications but most of the times both are missed out. Given below is an ideal chart. This is one of my rare collections. Hope it will be very useful to all engineers.

For More Details about Torque Click my Previous Post Torque
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For More Details about Torque Calculations Click Calculation
For More Details about Slip Factor/Nut Factor Click Nut Factor
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Anonymous said...

Self got the information after long chasing. It is really good information.

Chinmoy said...

very very usefull

Anonymous said...

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Noel said...

This would be a great help for our project today. Thanks for posting.

Crane Man said...

Thanks Noel

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